Thursday, March 8, 2012

Soap - Short Film raising $$ on Indie GoGo

The Short film SOAP which I co-wrote with Ryan Lindsay is now officially in pre-production and has launched a campaign for help raise money on Indie GoGo.

Tight Spot Productions and Madpat Productions are proud to announce that $640 has been raised in the first week. This is quite the achievement among Short Films on Indie GoGo.

We have already sold 11 pre-order DVD's which also includes a special thanks in the credits and on IMDB.

Don't Forget we have a week 2 sale on Perks

Our funding honour roll to date:

Brett O'Keeffe
Norma Ross
Alison Cowan
Melanie Lindsay
Maya Wood
Sue & Derek Jenkins
Kelly Mounsey
Leigh Irons
Helen Brooks
Neil Lauder
Allan Georgee
Jeong Hyun Lee

And our biggest contributor so far:

John Grove.

Yes the voice on our trailer is also generous with support.

It's not too late involved, check out the website here:

Keep in touch

Until then hail to the Special Suds Edition!

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