Monday, April 30, 2012

$1499 raised on Indie GoGo Campaign

Well the fundraising campaign for our short film finished up yesterday and we successfully raised $1499USD.

This will cover the cost of Film Festival entrance fees, authoring DVD's, catering on set, with a little bit left over for props, location fees etc.

I would personally like to thank every single individual who contributed towards the making of this film. So many of my family/friends/acquaintances have shown that they believe in me and are willing to support in anyway they could. This experience has been very humbling.

If you contributed to our campaign you will be receiving an email shortly asking for certain details such as, What name you want in the credits? (correct spelling important!) and a timeline on how things will progress. We will also keep you up to date as the film goes into pre-production, casting, shooting and the festival circuit.

Thank you so very much for your support!

Honour Roll
John Grove
Norma Ross
Terri-Lea Phillips
Melanie Lindsay
Neil Lauder
Kelly Mounsey
Alison Cowan
Maya Wood
Rol Hirst
Catherine Rowan
Natala Crawley
Ryan Lindsay
Ryan Browning
Sharee Phillips
Annaliese Lindsay
Ben Lindsay
Matty Lindsay
Lucy Campbell
Jariah Gordon
Wendy Collins
Roz Kielly
Les Thomson
Noel Gordon
Adam Skinner
Marc Lindsay
Julia Cordie
Brett Stone
Eddie Uchekwo
Jeong Hyun Lee
Allan Georgee
Helen Brooks
Leigh Irons
Derek Jenkins
Brett O'Keeffe
The Cooper Family
(What an impressive list!!)


James Lindsay
Tight Spot Productions
@soapshortfilm (twitter)

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